DNA – One week on…

Hi there,

Where to start?

First off, I am so glad that my friend had allowed me to look at/work on her DNA results for the last couple of months. This has helped no end to understand how to understand the results and get a start on sorting who’s who in the zoo. As a result, I was already familiar with, and had used the Leeds Method. For those unfamiliar with this method, here is a link.


Using this method, I have been able to sort the matches into family groupings. Thanks to having a fairly comprehensive tree, I have been able to place many of the matches into my tree. There are still a lot of matches to work on, but at least I know on which side they belong…mostly 🙂 From the initial analysis, it looks like the paper trees I have created are pretty well spot on, just a couple of things to look into. One thing that has been interesting, my brother has matches that I don’t have, and vice versa. This will certainly come in handy, as it appears some of his matches may help with my Young family research.