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DNA – Progress…

Well, it’s been a few months since the DNA results came through. And as is often the way, sometimes life gets in the way, in this case I bought a new house and moved into it, which has reduced my research time somewhat.

From my original wish list, I have had some success with the results, the items in green are the lines that the DNA results have helped so far.

  • Pop Richard’s true identity
  • Solve some mysteries in the Elliott side of the tree
  • Find out more about my ancestor, Robert Young’s family…was he connected to the Hamilton family?
  • Take family lines back more generations
  • Determine if the Corcoran family I located in Victoria are connected to my Corcoran family
  • See if I can find any family on the Tierney line
  • See what else the results turn up

Shared matches on the Elliott line verify that the people I had identified as Edward Elliott’s parents and grandparents in Nottingham are correct. Mum (especially), my brother and I have multiple shared matches with people who have ancestors from Nottingham, some of their ancestors were even Elliotts. There are also a couple of matches with people who are descendants of Edward’s siblings and aunts and uncles. There is a lot more analysis and research to be done there, but the results so far are good.

On the mystery of if my Young family are connected to the Hamilton family, preliminary analysis shows that it looks like they were. My brother has two matches with descendants on the Hamilton line. Again there is a lot more analysis and research to be done there, but it is looking positive.

And finally on the Tierney line, DNA results have returned multiple matches with descendants of Sarah Jane Tierney’s sister, Bridget. There are other matches who had Tierney ancestors in Galway, some even in Tuam Galway. And there are other matches who had other ancestors in Tuam Galway, so this could open up more information, not just on the Tierney line, but also the Mooney, Martyn and Corcoran lines. I have been told by another researcher that Sarah Jane Tierney’s grandmother was also a Corcoran, so it will be interesting to see what, if any, connection there is between that Corcoran family and Patrick Mooney’s grandmother, Bridget Corcoran’s family.

There have also been some good results on other lines, which I hadn’t included in my initial wish list, so this is an added bonus.