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Brickwall Number 3 – Michael Fitzpatrick…Cont

Since my original post about Michael Fitzpatrick, I have had some success in finding more information about him.  Initially, I was pointed in the direction of this article, The Coonamble Centenarian.  Thank you Leonie Bedford 🙂

I am not sure how much of his story is true, some sounds like a story out of Boys Own.  Armed with the additional information in his story, I have now found that he was a patient at Liverpool Asylum for 2 weeks in 1899.  His admission papers state that he had been discharged from Rookwood Asylum 4 months earlier.  This confirms his story that he had spent time in Rookwood, though there is still some confusion about how long he actually spent there.  Both items state that he was born in Dublin Ireland, around 1804.

The other useful piece of information from his admission papers, is the name of another one of his children.  He had a son, Andrew, who was born about 1875.  His admission papers also provide what appear to be his parents names, however these names do not match up with the parental details he provided in the newspaper article.  Based on the newspaper article, his parents were Captain William Anderson (a soldier who supposedly fought at the Battle of Waterloo) and Elizabeth McKenzie, based on the admission papers, his parents were Andrew Fitzpatrick (a scrap boiler and candle manufacturer) and Elizabeth Sheehan.

This has also revealed that for a period of time, the family used the alias of Anderson.  The deaths of Michael’s wife Margaret, daughter Louisa Ann amd son John were all registered as Anderson, as were the births of twins Louisa Martha and John Alfred.  John was another child I didn’t have a name for, and it appears he was a twin to Andrew.

Still a way to go, but I am slowly knocking down this brick wall 🙂