Brickwall #5 – Young Family – connections to the Hamilton Family

Time for another brickwall post.  Today’s brickwall is whether there is a connection between our Young Family and the Hamilton family.

My 3 Gts Grandfather, Robert Young was born about 1806.  Robert married Elizabeth Howard in County Tyrone in 1829.  Robert, Elizabeth and two daughters (Margaret and Sarah) traveled to Australia, they appear to have initially gone to Tasmania, before arriving in New South Wales in 1836.  Robert and Elizabeth had a total of 11 children, the last of whom was Thomas Hamilton Young (1856 – 1880).  All of the children of Robert and Elizabeth who had children, had at least one child with a middle name of Hamilton.  The use of the name Hamilton continued in subsequent generations.  This would indicate that the name Hamilton had some important significance.

According to Robert’s death notice, he was a native of Anna Guinea Lodge County Tyrone.  Research has shown that at the time of Robert’s birth, Anna Guinea Lodge was owned by James Young.  James was born at Anna Guinea Lodge about 1769.  He married Margaret Hamilton about 1794.  I have only been able to confirm one birth to James and Margaret, James Mitchell Young was born at Anna Guinea Lodge in 1800.

The names used for their first two daughters may hold a clue.  Elizabeth Howard’s mother was Sarah Howard (nee Morrison).  With one daughter named after Elizabeth’s mother, it is possible that the other daughter was named after Robert’s mother.  They named their first son Robert James Young.  Elizabeth’s father’s name was Robert Howard.  In naming their son Robert James, this could have been for both grandfathers.  The naming pattern for their other children may also hold clues, names used were also used by James Mitchell Young for his children, as well as being names of the siblings of Margaret Hamilton.

At this point, the evidence is only circumstantial.  Additional research will be required, to determine if Robert was the son of James Young and Margaret Hamilton.


*** Update 8th December 2019 ***

I have now found the shipping papers for Robert, Elizabeth, Margaret and Sarah Young.  Sadly details for Robert or Elizabeth’s parents are not provided.  But there might be another clue in them.

1834-10-15 Shipping details.jpg

This document states that the sum of 20 pounds is to be paid to a Mr Wm (William) Morrow.  Further research is required, however James Mitchell Young married a Sarah Morrow, their first son was named William James Mitchell Young.  Was this William Morrow Sarah’s father?  Why was he to be paid this money?

2 responses to “Brickwall #5 – Young Family – connections to the Hamilton Family

  1. Roslyn Lergesner (Gordon)

    Hi Penny,

    I am not sure if we are related by any chance. I was born Roslyn Lorna Gordon, Granddaughter of the Bernard Sidney Gordon Victoria Cross World War Hero.

    Thanks Ros
    I have enjoyed reading your site,

    • Hi Ros,

      I don’t know if there is a connection or not. I have had a bit of a look into your Grandfather, and found that he was born in Tasmania. I am not aware of any branches of the Gordon family in Tasmania, however I have not been able to find a lot of information about my William Gordon’s siblings, so I can’t rule it out 🙂

      I did find that your Grandfather’s father was a Charles Gordon, but couldn’t find details of his birth or parents. Do you know anything about him, where he was born, who his parents were?

      Thank you for your kind words,

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