Brickwall 2 – David Gordon – Cont.

Since my original post about my David Gordon brick wall, I have found some additional information, which has partially knocked down the brick wall.

I have now found that William’s parents were in fact David and Margaret Gordon.  This rules out David Gordon and Mary Deans being his parents.

I have also found that William had at least two siblings.

Ann Gordon was born about 1824 In Belfast Ireland.  She travelled to New South Wales in 1855 on the “Lord Hungerford”, stating that she had a brother William living at Kiama.  By 1861 she was in Queensland.  She married Owen Davis, and they had three children.  Ann Davis died in Maryborough Queensland 17 December 1905.

Alexander Gordon appears to have remained in Ireland.  Nothing more is known about him at this stage.  Further research on Alexander, and any other siblings, is still required.

Thank you William for leaving bequests to these two siblings in your will.  If not for that, I may never have found them.


2 responses to “Brickwall 2 – David Gordon – Cont.

  1. Hey,
    While searching for my relatives “Doyle”, your tree came up as a connection. I was quite surprised to see in your convicts list, “ships”, you have a John Hazlewood on ship “Prince George”. My great great grandfather, also a convict, came on the same ship. Interestingly they came from opposite ends of Eng. But just as interesting …as I read about your John’s case, I had to smile as he was caught robbing another relative of mine in the Grants. What a connection ! All that aside I now have to try to connect your “Doyles”.
    Kind regards,
    Ken (
    Your welcome to ask any further details.

  2. After a quick look, I see we have a lot of names of relatives in common, Gray from Kiama, Davis, Fredericks and more.

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