Cunningham Family Cemetery Tarlo

Located at the former Cunningham property of “Lallewoon” Tarlo is the Cunningham Family Cemetery.  Some of the headstones can just be seen from Taralga Road.  There are at least twelve members of the Cunningham family buried there:

  • Ann Theresa Cunningham born 1875, died 19 August 1926 (parents John Michael and Catherine Cunningham);
  • Catherine Cunningham (Nee McAlister) born 2 April 1846, died 18 March 1905 (parents Thomas and Anne McAlister);
  • Catherine Cecelia Cunningham born 1887, died 15 August 1904 (parents Matthew and Mary Ann Cunningham);
  • Douglas Vincent Cunningham born April 1904, died 31 May 1904 (parents Matthew and Mary Ann Cunningham);
  • Edward Cunningham born 12 June 1858, died 9 September 1921 (parents Edward and Catherine Cunningham);
  • Edward Joseph Cunningham born 1874, died 3 July 1923 (parents John Michael and Catherine Cunningham);
  • John Michael Cunningham born 1842, died 8 May 1901 (parents Edward and Catherine Cunningham);
  • Kevin Edward Cunningham born 25 February 1908, died 15 November 1910 (parents Edward and Ada Cunningham);
  • Mary Ann Cunningham born 26 August 1863, died 15 October 1916 (parents John and Grace Barry);
  • Matthew Cunningham born 12 June 1854, died 15 October 1910 (parents Edward and Catherine Cunningham);
  • William Aubrey Cunningham born 1896, died 4 June 1902 (parents Matthew and Mary Ann Cunningham);
  • Anne Mannell born 28 May 1839, died 19 October 1905 (parents James and Mary Therese Worthington)

At this stage, it is not known why burials commenced here when they did.  Other members of the family, who died before 1901, were buried in the Mortis Street Cemetery in Goulburn, these included Edward Cunningham (1812 – 1871), Catherine Cunningham (nee Kennedy) (1819 – 1892), Theresa Jane Cunningham (1865 – 1866), William Patrick Cunningham (1881 – 1887), Mary Ellen Cunningham (1883 – 1885), Stanley J Cunningham (1898 – 1898).  Other family members who died around this time were buried at St Patrick’s Cemetery Kenmore.  These include Joseph Patrick Cunningham (1860 – 1894) and John Kennedy (1829 – 1891) who are buried side by side.

Interestingly, it was only used for Catholic burials, as Francis Rowe Mannell (husband of Anne Mannell and father of Ada Cunningham nee Mannell) was not buried here.  He was buried at St Saviour’s Church of England Cemetery in Goulburn.  Francis died 19 May 1905.


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